Written by Dani Toth | 09 June 2011

Can you imagine what it would be like if there had been more than a day off between Games 3, 4 and 5? Do you know how much overkill we'd have to read or listen to on the Team 1040 about those two losses? We'd probably get more Tony G bitching about Boston's subway system

Sports-talk radio PSA
If you are a call-in type of person to the Team 1040, check yourself before you call in. Ask yourself, am I going to sound like an idiot? Or a complete homer who can't put a game into perspective? Or has Rintoul/MacDonald/Pratt/Taylor/Price etc already addressed my idea or comment?....BEFORE YOU CALL IN.

I don't know what it is about talk sports shows that make people become complete idiots with their ideas...or maybe those people really are idiots in real life, who knows, but there are an incredible amount of callers that sound like dumbasses. Do yourself a favour, and ask someone first if your idea sounds dumb or out of line.


So here is some things for you to read to put these two losses into perspective:

Tyler Dellows of mc79hockey gives some stats to say that teams that win Game 1 and 2, even if they drop 3 and 4 to a blowout, statistically win in the end

Ed Willies talks about how both fanbases have been waiting a long time for a Stanley Cup win, and both fanbases are equally hungry for it now

Bruce Arthur writes that neither team is more pure in this matchup, both have made dirty plays, were taunting about the finger biting stuff and have fans that have done some despicable things. And I'd have to agree with him on his points. If I wan't a fan of one of the teams, I don't know which team I'd pick to be a fan of.

The last link was not to say that everyone has to like the Canucks or Boston for that matter. It was just a well written and balanced article on the truth of these two teams. Personally I don't care if anyone else likes the team, because an SCF win is not going to be between those people and my team, it's between ME and my team. no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 08 June 2011


Well that sucked. That two game trip out to Boston was taking like 40 steps back from when we left Vancouver. I wrote off Game 3 because it was such a bad sh-tshow, but as for Game 4, that was an all-around poor effort. Not only has the team lost two games, they skated around tonight with no confidence. And the worst part, with no way to solve Thomas.

Now it's not all bad as the series is still tied and it's now come down to a best of three, but if the Canucks can't figure out how to score some goals on the plane ride back, then it doesn't matter that the series is still tied.

There's lots of blame to go around tonight. From the goaltending, to Ballard's mistakes on defence, the lack of composure, to the forwards not being able to score and that powerplay, yeah that still sucks. The only positive from tonight? Schneider looked solid in net.

Maybe I need a night to think about this, but my last thought on tonight: I miss Hamhuis.

Fix your game Canucks, you have 44 hours to get on that.

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Written by Dani Toth | 08 June 2011


The Canucks are down 2-1 in the series and we're just hours away from puck drop tonight at 5pm. Thanks to Reebok, I have been given two of their official 2011 Conference Champions t-shirts to give away.

So I'm going to make this contest easy, just leave a comment below telling me what the Canucks need to do to solve the powerplay because it has some problems. Or you can tweet me your answer.


Tweet the following:

I entered to win a Reebok Canucks t-shirt by @BenchedWhale http://bit.ly/iy5ZEM RT to enter!

Easy? Dead easy. Entry deadline is puckdrop at Game 5, that's 5pm Friday June 10, 2011 and I'll pick the two winners randomly.

Thanks to everyone who entered, the contest has closed and EastCoastCanucksFan and @KevinMurray7 were the two winners from the random draw. Their shirts are on the way to them once Canada Post starts working again. no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 07 June 2011

We all watched Game 3 and read at least 50 blogs today breaking it down, so I'm not going to go in depth about how much it sucked, but it sucked balls. Would have sucked if you traveled to the game as a Canucks fan, but that's part of the risk you take, no?

When the boys from Days of Y'Orr asked me about my prediction of the series, I picked the Canucks in six. No one predicted the Canucks to sweep this series did they? If you say you did, you are laying or you were an idiot thinking we would just sweep an SCF. Boston didn't just get to the SCF by getting free pass to the finals, so you didn't think they'd just roll over and play dead, did you?

Watching your team lose sucks, no matter if it was a close loss or a blowout. But a fall-apart loss by the Canucks is nothing new is it? Haven't we watched that game before? But the one thing about this team is their resiliency to bounce back from a loss like that. The team had time to think about how out of focus that game got from them. There was many factors that went into that loss, but there's no time to dwell on it, just play a better game tomorrow.

On the Rome hit/suspension:
Well if you have been living under a rock, or at least a media hermit in Vancouver, he was suspended 4 games. If the series goes for that means the rest of the season, if it doesn't, that means it carries into next season. Now as for my thought on it: it was a good call on the 5 minute major, and I won't argue with the game misconduct. The hit was late and the outcome was awful. As for the suspension....if the NHL deems that as 4 games, I'm ok with that.

And we should see the end of the finger taunting after this tweet:


As for what the Canucks did on their off day, it looks like they found some time to have a good laugh today


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Written by Dani Toth | 05 June 2011


What I had originally planned was to have a photo expedition from last night's game, but somehow the sun, the beach and some spot prawns got in the way of me uploading any photos. Just a couple quick thoughts here before Game 3 hits tomorrow

1. I love all the people watching the game outside on the street. The enthusiasm has been fantastic and so far I have heard nothing but good things about it.
2. I love to wear shorts to the game. Who knew that people did this?
3. I don't really care if the ratings were crap for Game 2, 5pm starts on Saturdays when it's nice outside means I'm pre-gaming on a patio....or oyster bar as the venue was yesterday
4. I love to walk out between intermissions or after the game and it's STILL BRIGHT OUTSIDE
5. Random high fives after a win are awesome
6. The knowing that every goal scored means so much more because it's the SCF
7. The screams of the arena when Burrows scored the OT winner were really, really loud. I don't think I can explain this well enough because it's one of those you had to be there moments
8. Jersey sales must have been through the roof recently, because there are a LOT of jerseys around the city
9. I would want to punch him in the face if he was on the other team, but Maxim Lapierre has been hilarious. I would also have a good hate on Burrows as well but what an effort in Game 2 by him
10. When Manny first hit the ice, the emotion in Rogers Arena was uncanny. I'm not sure if the camera's caught this but there were so many Manny chants that randomly broke out during the game that just felt right.

Now the best article I've read from the Boston media has come from Joe Haggerty on why the Canucks have beat Boston through two games. He really gets straight to the point saying that speed has killed Boston through two games. no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 04 June 2011

When the Boston played Tampa, the Bruins marketing department released some ads featuring their Bruins bear and some views on Lightning fans. The Lightning fans didn't take well to this marketing scheme and forced the Bruins to take down the ads. Weak move there people who did this.

One of the best things is seeing what the opposition team/fans can dish up during the series. So I've compiled some by the Bruins themselves and from some of their blogs. If you have more, email me and I'll run another post about it.



And because of this photoshop in December when Boston played Vancouver,


The boys from Days of Y'Orr came up with this one...


Which The Province it seems didn't love. But then again the writer who wrote that story in The Province, who is he and does he have no sense of humor? It looks he Kent Spencer just wanted to jump on the hockey writing bandwagon and this is all he could come up with.
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Written by Dani Toth | 04 June 2011


I was musing to myself on what it would have been like if the Lightning had won in that Game 7 instead of the Bruins. I certainly would have developed a blogger split personality because of it and my twitter would have been a mess.

I don't know what it is about playing the Bruins over the Lightning, but it seems just a bit more legitimate. That a win over them would be better than a team like the Lightning. Them being in the East and Vancouver never having the chance to play them a lot makes them a bit of a mythical team. You remember their great years and the idea that they were really tough, but I quite frankly never saw them enough to make a better judgement outside of what I heard of the Bruins growing up. That has changed a lot in the past few years with things like GameCenter, but now that they are competitive, you see them in a similar position to the Canucks. Their team's window to win may be now and their fanbase is giving them support.

Not to disrespect Lightning fans, but we are just coming out of a dark time of being subject to some serious mismanagement of the team. Fans are a little timid in jumping back on the bandwagon and although the support has been fantastic in the playoffs, it's not the same pining that they have had to endure that Canucks and Bruins fans have.

Maybe it's that Boston was an original six team, and that's why it seems like a win over the Bruins is more legitimate. I have a feeling that if Vancouver won over the Lightning, I would forever hear that "Oh but you only beat the Lightning that year", like it was some fluke win.

Or maybe it's just because I didn't want to have to deal with blogging about two competing teams at the exact same time. This way, I can have a full on hate of the opposition team and relish in the win when we do but on the flip side, I'll also be more crushed if we end up losing to them. no comments