Written by Dani Toth | 02 March 2010

Hello Vancouver, how is our collective hangover doing today? Whether you are ready for it, the Canucks are back in action. There are 21 games in the next 41 days, which is like a game every other day.

Some numbers:

21 - Number of games left in the season

11 - Number of away games

10 - Number of home games

6 - Number of games against NW Division opponents

5 - Number of back to backs (so 10 total games)

3 - Number of games against the Sharks

Trade Deadline Day

For the most anticipated, but often a disappointingly quiet day (Jokinen was the highlight last year), here is what the plan is

  • For the NHL trade deadline I will be popping in on The 6th Sens' liveblog. I'll post up the link to it when it goes live on Wednesday morning, come join, I'm sure hilarity will ensue
  • Expect a recap of the transactions, or at least the ones (if any) to the Canucks after all the dust settles
  • Check out Cycle Like the Sedins for their annual trade deadline If You Were The GM Special, I'm both a writer AND an editor. Here are links for the NE Division, SE Division, NW Division, Central Division
  • For a look at the trade deadline, check out View From My Seats' NW Division Cheat Sheet
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Written by Dani Toth | 02 March 2010

This is his video essay for the final thoughts of the Olympic Games, it's worth your 5 minutes

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Written by Dani Toth | 28 February 2010

This article was originally posted on Bloguin's Olympic Hockey Blog


Roberto Luongo will have the nation's hopes for a gold medal on his shoulders today. This is the biggest game in his career thus far. Back in Salt Lake in 2002 Martin Brodeur was the starter in goal for their gold medal win. This time round, Brodeur was expected to be the goalie for Team Canada again. He had the chance but he crumbled. In a 5-3 loss to the United States, Brodeur put Babcock in a position where he had to make a goalie change. Luongo was tapped on the shoulder and told he would be the starter for Team Canada.

Luongo now faces the pressure and expectations of his whole country to play a better game than Ryan Miller.

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Written by Dani Toth | 20 February 2010

I went to my first hockey game of the Olympics two nights ago, and if you caught it, it was a fantastic game of hockey. Halak put on a show making 36 saves and only let in one shooter out of a seven round shootout. The Slovaks were expected to be steamrolled by the offensive Russians that boasted a powerplay unit of Ovechkin, Malkin, Kovalchuk, Semin and Gonchar, scary thought huh? To makes things interesting, the Slovakians had just played the night before against the Czech Republic, losing 3-1. To the Russian fans disappointment, this powerplay of pure offense led to shorthanded attempts that cause the coach to break up the pp unit.


So, armed with some energy and beer from watching the Canada vs. Swiss game, I headed towards Canada Hockey Place, ready to encounter Russians, Slovaks and fanny packs...

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Written by Dani Toth | 15 February 2010

1. Patience. Patience. Patience. There will be a line up everywhere. For anything. They could be giving out old Canucks Sundin jerseys and people would stand in line for an hour to get them. Why? Because they are FREE.

Though the zip line through the city is cool, is it worth a 6 hour wait?

2. There isn't that much to do downtown but there are a ton of people. Lots of people. I don't know exactly what everyone is doing, but they are there.

3. Most jerseys didn't have names on the back, which is a little dissappointing, but for the ones that did, here is my estimates of a jersey count in about 3 hours of being downtown today:

Luongo - 8
Crosby - 15
Heatley - 1
Brodeur - 8
Nash - 22
Iginla - 30
Sharks' Douglas Murray - 1

Who knew there were so many Nash or Iginla jersey's?

4. Russians and their tracksuits.


Notice that the girl has matching red boots, with detailing. They are about $400 if you want to buy one. I saw multiple people with them today, which leads me to believe that all Russians are told to rock their Russian tracksuits everywhere in groups of people also wearing matching tracksuits.

5. Jeff Carter has landed in Vancouver today, coming with Chris Pronger, they gave interviews at YVR. But with Getzlaf getting two goals and two assists Sunday night it looks like he's healthy enough to play, so do you think that means Carter will remain in Vancouver for a few days just to take in some events *ahem* nightlife since he is here already? Yzerman to submit his final roster by Monday at 12pm PST

And one final Canuck related thing: Edler has been told to be on standby as he could be a last minute addition to the Swedish team

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Written by Dani Toth | 10 February 2010

Pavol Demitra is flying out tomorrow to meet up with the Canucks in Florida after taking a quick personal leave. Amid speculation that there was something bigger going on (injuries), The Province reports that he left the team because his wife was rushed to the hospital because she was suffering pain in her chest. They report that it was just a mild reaction from a prescription drug.

He's won't play against the Panthers tomorrow, but could play on Friday against CBJ.

Oh and that game against the Lightning. Terrible. That great save by Luongo? I didn't think it was a great save, it was more of Lecavalier shooting the puck right into Luongo's glove. I do not understand how it is getting that much notoriety for being a 'great save' because it wasn't a great save.

Anyways the Canucks had no jump and deserved to lose the game. I'm over it, looking forward to getting through the next 3 games and then move on to Olympic hockey....I question on the scheduling of Friday's game against CBJ on PPV. Since it's at the same time as the Olympic opening ceremonies I can tell you that I won't be watching PPV Canucks hockey. I assume they stuck it on PPV since all the other sports channels will be covering the Olympics instead.

And just to note: the NHL trade freeze starts at 12pm PT on Friday

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Written by Dani Toth | 08 February 2010

After getting a sweet goal in the shootout in Boston, Demitra has left the Canucks in Tampa Bay to fly back to Vancouver. He is said to have a "personal matter" that he had to take care of in Vancouver, so he left team today. No word yet on what the matter is or whether he will rejoin the Canucks for their remaining 4 games in their roadtrip.

Bernier is expected to fill Demitra's spot in the line-up tomorrow night against the Lightning. Jannik Hansen has also been called up from Manitoba after completing his two-week conditioning stint.

Game preview for tomorrow's game against the Lightning can be found here at my Tampa blog: The Hockey Bay Blog

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