Written by Dani Toth | 11 November 2011


The Canucks went into Staples Center after 3 days off and facing a slumping Kings team. Though our even strength play wasn't much better, our powerplay was still on fire. Ok, maybe that 5 on 3 in the 1st period helped.

If the Kings' gameplan was to take a few early game penalties and shoot themselves in the foot, mission accomplished. Trevor Lewis took a 5 minute elbowing major on Bieksa that sent Bieksa to get stitched up. I don't think the refs got the call quite right, but I'll roll with that. Then Doughty took a few too many liberties on Kesler's back until he ended up with a cross-checking penalty.

Salo rockets a goal past quick to open the scoring, then Andrew Ebbett who for some inexplicable reason is on the powerplay gets his first of the year with a little help from former Canuck Willie Mitchell.


Dale Weise hugs it out with Kyle Clifford which seemed like a waste of time other than we got to see Weise's new haircut.

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Written by Dani Toth | 10 November 2011


Record: Canucks (7-7-1) Kings (7-5-3)

Previous games: None

Game time: 7:30pm PST

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While the Canucks have been....

*Not actual photo of them golfing in California, if you want that photo, go to The Province

...enjoying the California sun playing some golf and having the boys keslurk Aaron Rome and ultimately end up dribbling sand on his shoulders...

The Kings have been playing some hockey. They played Monday night against the Sharks in which the Sharks showed them who is boss of the Pacific Division by dominating the 2nd and 3rd period to win the game 4-2.

The Kings then came back against the Predators on Tuesday night winning 4-3. And more importantly, ending the "national nightmare" of the neverending #PennerPoint game.


If you have no idea what I am talking about, then we are clearly not friends on twitter (though we should be) and you have been missing out on a great game to pass the days off.

So now we've got two games up in a back-to-back before heading back home. After that dominating and very satisfying win over the Blackhawks is now at .500 for the roadtrip. Though our powerplay looked good, like 5 powerplay goals in one game good, our 5 on 5 still isn't great. Maybe during the 3 days off AV has had time to work on that. Or perhaps, the return of Aaron Rome will fix all of our miscellaneous problems.

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Written by Dani Toth | 10 November 2011

Who knows what the other guys were doing there for this interview....but the Kesler Bieksa tandem is great no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 06 November 2011


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Record: Canucks (6-7-1) Blackhawks (8-2-3)

Previous games: None

Game time: 4:00pm PST

Obviously this afternoon is a big deal. You know you've had this date circled as game you've wanted to watch once the schedule came out. Games against Chicago are always worth way more than two points.

Coming into this afternoon the Canucks are without two players, Sami Salo and Alex Burrows. Salo is out with a groin and Burrows has a back spasm issue. Aaron Rome is expected to play tonight, in for Salo. To even it out a little on the injury front, Chicago is without their best defencemen in Duncan Keith who has missed 3 games with a hand injury.

Having just watched the last game the Hawks played against Tampa Bay, the Canucks look like they are going to get slaughtered if they don't figure out their game. Chicago pounced on turnovers by the Lightning and made them pay. They scored 3 goals in just over a minute, one of which was a breakaway by Carcillo. Ok, so maybe that Carcillo goals was a mistake by the Lightning since even Chicago's own bench was laughing at the goal, but what I'm trying to say here is that Chicago looked good. They are also on top of the Western Conference while Vancouver has been bumbling around at 11th.

So depending on how the Canucks play today, this game could be great, crap or really messy.

Speaking of Carcillo....

1. He's getting his own radio show? Say what?

2. He's been chirping on twitter about this game already:


And this video from his presser during the summer:

Besides the fact that Torres and Glass don't play for us anymore, bring it on.


And the answer to my Portillo's question is no. I looked it up. I am honestly sad to discover that. no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 02 November 2011


After watching this past week's HNIC Hotstove, one of remarks that Ron MacLean made during the segment where they are talking about visors irked me. I am also back to not agreeing with Milbury on his statements, but that was to be expected.

I had just read a paper about the topic of visors and hockey players just a week ago and what McLean said contradicted the paper. MacLean talks about how visors change the players style of play when they wear it. You can find it here on the HNIC segment, it  happens at about the 5:50 mark.

If you are too lazy to watch the segment, I've wrote out what he said:

"Once you begin to hedge your best Elliotte. Once you start to put safety first, you aren't the same player, you are not the same athlete, it's a different game. So you may not have Chris Pronger as Chris Pronger, if he dons protection and starts to turn the other cheek. That's a big issue in sport"

If he dons protection, he might turn the other cheek? Chris Pronger will do this?

Now, I am not a researcher, nor am I an expert in the field, but his argument made me think of the paper that I had just read. The paper that was published is by Alberto Chong and Pascual Restrepo, who are from George Washington University and MIT respectively, and it discusses the Peltzman effect on hockey players. The paper is named "Peltzman on Ice: Evidence on Compensating Behavior Using a Natural Experiment from Ice Hockey" and can be found here if you would like to read it.

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Written by Dani Toth | 27 October 2011

Things that might make you feel better...

First, the Oilers beat the Caps tonight 2-1, so we won't have listen to how the Caps are un-beated in the season...

Oh and this:

Hilarious, no?


This last photo was via @DNFlyers

Tanner Glass got 3 points? Say what? no comments

Written by Dani Toth | 26 October 2011

Everyone wants to touch a Sedin...

When you consider Alex Sulzer as one of the best players in tonight's game, you know you have a problem. When you can't score in the game, you know you have a problem. When Bieksa is again a -2 and now a -9 on the year, we've got a problem. When you getting shutout to Brian Elliott, we've got a problem

Maybe we can fire an assistant coach?

So Schneider looked better than Luongo of late, but he can't score goals. This no scoring goal thing has been a bit of a problem for the Canucks. It's frustrating to watch the team come out and not look like they care about really doing what it takes to get a win. In last night's game against Edmonton, it wasn't until the last 5, maybe 10 minutes that the Canucks actually showed an interest in winning the game. By then it was too late.

Tonight, the Canucks looked at loose pucks on the ice like it wasn't worth their time.

Thoughts from the last two nights
  • Sulzer, Booth, Ballard and Kesler played well
  • Booth skates really well
  • I've been a Luongo defender, but it really has been hard to defend him lately. Has he ever been this bad in October? What happens if he doesn't have a good November?
  • At what point does AV give Schneider a legitimate shot to be the starter?
  • I can't believe we lots to Elliott, and even worse gave him a shutout
  • I will make allowances for the 2nd line not putting up goals as Kesler tries to find his instincts to shoot and Booth finds chemistry
  • The Sedins need to step it up
  • Hodgson makes some really randomly stupid mistakes with the puck. They haven't hurt him too badly yet, but you can see where players that have more experience than him can take advantage of him
  • Higgins was invisible, and then he was removed from the 2nd line during the 3rd
  • Hansen wasn't that much better
  • This is our 3rd shutout this season
I'm afraid that these games that we should win will hurt us in the long run, but we do have still lots of time to find out game. With the Caps rolling in to town with their perfect record, this city is only going to get more antsy. This is going to be a long couple of days until Saturday. no comments