While your employees may believe that your business has a never ending supply of cash and that cash flow is not a problem, office managers and business owners know that the reality of the situation is very different. Each line item needs to be at its minimal to ensure that the business is operating efficiently.

However, over time, these items can become left unchecked, leading to unnecessary costs occurring in your office. If you suspect this has happened in your office, below are four easy ways to immediately cut your monthly operating costs.


OOH! What Pen Brand Are You Using?

This is something you never hear anybody in the office say, largely because it would be ridiculous, but mostly because nobody cares what pen you are using. However, despite this, the majority of your employees are likely to have swapped out their old pens and begun ordering individual style pens. Some may have a rubber grip. Some may be ergonomically designed. Some may offer a range of colors. Whatever it is, you can guarantee that you could get a packet of regular pens for the same price as one nice or fancy pen.

Communicate with your staff that they are only able to order items from sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Deluxe for Business which offers a range of low-priced stationery items which are sure to fit their needs. While this may mean a drop in your office pen quality, it will result in an increase in your available cash.


Company Cars

If you provide each of your staff with a company car then you are throwing money away each month on fuel, registration, and maintenance costs. Despite what they may say, each of your employees doesn't need to have a car waiting for them in the parking lot all day every day just so that they can go home and then come back in the morning.

Instead, sign up your business for a corporate account with a ridesharing service like Uber. This will allow your staff to use their cell phone or their computer browser to order the same amount of trips they would usually take in their company car, only the business pays a fraction of the price.


Consolidate Your Supplies

While it’s true that businesses can receive a much better rate than residents for services, you can receive an even better rate if you consolidate your services to fewer providers.

For example, one company is likely able to provide you with the internet, landline phone service, cell phone, and your website hosting. By doing this, each provider can give you a much lower rate than what you will have paid to each individual provider. Another great benefit is that you only have to deal with one company and one representative for multiple services.

It doesn’t take a lot of work to keep your office costs down, you just need to monitor the key points where things can begin to get out of hand, such as the areas above.